Nicholas (wzdd) wrote,

I read a lot of RSS feeds! Many of them are nerdy or quite specialised, but there are also a few general ones. Here are a few which I think you will like. penelly, now it's your turn! :)

Idle Words: Maciej Ceglowski's writing has, in the past, covered Argentine culinary tradition, the tango, the Polish police force, bedbugs, and the sublime mundanity of Milan Kundera. He's hilarious. Check out "Argentina on Two Steaks a Day", or "Attacked by Thugs", linked off the front page.

Emily Short's Interactive Fiction: "Interactive Fiction" is the new, less interesting, but (to be fair) more accurate name for what were once called text adventures. Modern IF is quite complex, particularly when it comes to interacting with non-player characters, and some of the stuff that Emily blogs -- such as her recent post on beats -- could easily apply to traditional literature or other game forms. She's a good writer and one of my favourite IF authors.

Ironic Sans: One of my nerdier blogs, David Friedman seems to spend quite a bit of his time coming up with crazy ideas, such as thsrs, the thesaurus that only returns words shorter than the one you typed in; or "keming" (the result of improper kerning), which recently memed its way around the Internet. He also did a study relating the method people use to push up their eye glasses to their personalities, which I thought very thorough.

Mimi Smartypants: Ms. Smartypants writes about her life, her husband, and (especially) about her young daughter in a way that always makes me smile. I especially loved Nora's guide to recognising good vs bad cats (link) and the associated commentary on huffing air freshener.

Spidercamp: Sarcastic, funny, slightly strange. I love her series of post office stories. I need to hang around in more post offices and wait for hilarity, I think.

The Beard Team USA Blog: These beards are a permanent source of inspiration to me.

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